Special Choices : Education Next.

This was by far one of the most interesting blogs I have read in this class so far.  This entire blog revolved around the issue of Special Education, which obviously will interest me.  The topic of this blog discussed the rates of students considered to have a disability in private schools as opposed to public schools.

The results, I thought, were truly shocking.  Since public schools have funding to make sure special education is taken care of, there are far more students considered to have some sort of a disability in a public school rather than a private school.  Private schools offer vouchers rather than funding by the government.  Since the parents are aware of both, they often send the child to a public school which guarantees that the fees of special education will be taken care of.  However, many people do not realize that the funds for special education in a private school may also be taken care of completely with a voucher.  I thought it was interesting that schools criteria and diagnoses are different due to funding.

I thought to myself while reading this, “Are the students in the private school actually receiving proper services?”  Assuming that the schools are following the law, the answer is yes.  So why is it such a large difference in special education between public and private schools?  My only thought is that parents trust government funded schools over those run by other professionals.  I have to disagree at some point, coming from a private school.  Both schools have to attain certain goals. However, in a public school they must align with what the state wants, whereas in a private school, the bar is set high and the goals are set for personal purposes.

I’m not sure which would be more beneficial for students with disabilities.  I suppose it depends on what specific needs the child has and if those needs could be met at a private school with less resources.  Each case of students, no matter if they have a disability or not, is unique and can only be determined based on individual progress.

As I began to research different types of schools, I ran into the video of the Temple Grandin School.  This school is obviously a private school, and not funded by the government.  This also provides instruction for children with Autism and Asperger’s.  They focus on academics and social skills.  Although a parent may think a private school may not be as beneficial, this video right here demonstrates the positive results of a private school education for a child with special needs.

To sum this all up, I believe that the basis of all education simply needs to foucs on proper accommodations for all students.  Whether a child is diagnosed with special needs or not, and whether he or she attends a private of public school, the key to success for the student lies within the educator’s ability to adapt.  Funding or not, a teacher must have the tools and resources to teach lessons to the students they are responsible for teaching.  In my career, it will be my main goal to focus on individuality of students and work toward their success by finding teaching techniques that works best for them.  Individuality will allow them to succeed in school, and also foster a positive classroom environment for everyone around.